Various Ideas for Front Fence Designs

75 Fence Designs And Ideas Backyard Amp Front Yard with Various Ideas for Front Fence Designs

Before a guest even notices your kitchen, foyer, living room, or even the home theatre, the first thing that thy will see is the fence in your front yard. There are lots of fence designs available online. Even though installation can be a little bit complicated. Not planning ahead everything can result in delays and obstacles. The first thing to decide on is what style of fences which will work best on your overall style or house design, especially the yard. You need to take a good time to learn about fences. Understand the materials used, the construction and functionality, and the size. Good understanding of these attributes is important before you call fencing contractor. Without proper understanding, you may not get fence which can fit our requirement.

Simple Front Yard Fence Designs

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If you want to create front fence gate design, you can go on with wooden fence. You can simply paint or stain the wood to match the surrounding cycle. Wood fence can last as long as 20 to 25 years. Wood fence may serve either as decorative accent or as a privacy fence. But, if you can combine both? Why should you focus on one? There are of course many types of wood from which fences can be made, which include pine, spruce, cedar, and redwood. Some or even made from a composite wood and will have to be painted with a finishing to make sure that the elements will withstand extreme weather conditions. Wood fences need regular maintenance and also occasional touch up so as to enhance the longevity. When it deals with security, a wood fence is not the best option since they can be easily damaged or broken to gain entrance into the yard.

Another option, in addition to wood, is to use vinyl. This is for those that want both durability and aesthetics. Vinyl can last a long time and can be easily installed as picket fence or board one, meaning that you can use it as well for front fence landscaping ideas. The colors available are rather limited for house owners since it is available only in neutral shades. This particular material cannot be painted or stained like wood. The element is moisture resistant yet can develop mildew if it is exposed to damp conditions for extended period of time.


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