Green Acres Courtyard for Good House Construction Design


This house shows good house construction design which helps the people who want to build a home with a green acres courtyard. This great building is called Private House project. It is designed by Gramazio and Kohler. It is located in the Switzerland. If you want to see this project, you can see these pictures here. We provide some pictures for you. These pictures can give the reference for you who want to build a home with nice building performance. This reference is useful for you who want to remodel your home.
These are the pictures of that project. Let’s see the performance of the home. This house is designed with glass wall, concrete wall and grey home frame. But, this home is covered by wooden. It protects the home. They are some wooden sticks which are standing next to the wall. It is unique house construction design plan. This house has the green acres courtyard. It is beautiful courtyard. Even, there are some trees near this house. They can give fresh atmosphere for this house. That is the performance of exterior house.
Now, see the performance of interior house. The house is designed with grey concrete wall, grey concrete ceiling and black flooring.

This house has the glass window but it is covered by the wooden railing. It protects this home much. This house also has the stair. That is white concrete stair with black handrail. It is simple stair which is matching with the wall color. You can see, some windows and doors are painted in black like black window frame and black door.
See the performance bathroom then. This bathroom is designed in minimalist concept. You can see the room which is designed with white single bowl sink, stainless faucet, and white toilet adheres on the wall. Above the sink is the mirror and above the toilet are the white shelves. In this building, you have bathroom reference for home construction design plans with the green acres courtyard in simple concept.


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